if is it possible to collect data from interactive video answers


I am a researcher interested in how interactive videos affect students' behaviors. And recently we are constructing a local online course for students.

I was wondering if it is possible to collect data from interactive video answers by using this H5P plug in. we have a platform based on Moodel, i guess. the link is below:


The question is, after installing this h5p plug-in, where can we get data regarding student's answers?  

Thank you for your time.


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H5P supports xAPI (Tin Can), which makes it possible to track whatever the student is doing. To utilize xAPI you would need an LRS (learning record store), which will give you storing and reporting. H5P does not currently bundle any LRS as part of the product, which means some coding and setup is required. You may read more about xAPI here: tincanapi.com. Documentation of xAPI in H5P may be found here: h5p.org/documentation/x-api, and for Interactive Video specific here: h5p.org/node/617/xapi-coverage


Fnoks, thank you for the kind reply. It seems I get a long way to go. Basically I need to install h5p and LRS to platform, then try to figure out how to add xAPI into H5P, am I right? 

Anyway I need to have basic understanding of how it works.

Have a nice day.

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You are correct, you need:

  • H5P running at your site
  • Acess to an LRS (either hosted or installed on your site)
  • Add a script that collects xAPI statements from H5P, and sends it to the LRS. If you are not a developer, this might be the tricky part.


I had the same question and I found the answer by reading here:

Analyzing results and answers | H5P

Have a nice day.

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Hi Carlo,

Thank you for the input.