Embedded H5P in Moodle App "You do not have access to this content..."


I have H5P installed on a Moodle 3.4 where I have created an activity and embedded it into a Page resource. When accessing the Page via the web browser I can access the content fine, but when accessing via the App I receive an error message saying "You do not have access to this content. Try logging in.". I am logged in to the correct Student account that is enrolled on the course and I have checked all the necessary permissions are correct.

When content has been embedded from H5P.org or Wordpress the content shows perfectly via the App.

Any ideas how I can fix this? or is it a bug?


Thanks Oliver, I hadn't seen that thread so will follow with interest!

I know the plugin is not supported in the app, but embedding content does work (when embedded from H5P.org or Wordpress). The issue is when embedding content created via the plugin I get a strange error saying I need to be logged in (see above) and I was asking for any insight into why that might be happening, or if it could be an issue with the plugin (of course it could be the app too).


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Hi Ian!

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Unfortunately, I am not an expert for moodle and could only make guesses. I think one of my colleagues will be of more help.