H5P-Moodle mobile support

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Dear all,

we would love to use H5P content on Moodle mobile client. Not all, as some of them has no sense to use on a 7" device, but for example: accordion, collage, Column, Dialog Cards, Drag and drop, Drag the words, hotspot and multiple hotspot, etc.



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Hi, thank you for creating this feature request, we'll make sure it gets processed and prioritized. There also already exist an issue for making H5P compatible with the Moodle mobile client at: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-252?jql=text%20~%20%22moodle%20mobile%22.

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I do hope that this will solved soon. Is there any way to help ?


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Hi, there is no work being done towards this presently, but anyone who has some developer experience is encouraged to take this on and start a pull request for this.

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Hi Jarvil,

There is no news regarding this yet, and it has not been planned into the next few upcoming releases.

- Tom


This would be a great thing to have for those who use moodle (specially with the nice things they're doing the mobile app). I do have a dev team that could dedicate some hours to get this done. I am not exactly sure where to begin and would appreciate if the H5P team could guide me on where to start.



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Hi, exciting news, I would love to see some progress for the Moodle Mobile area.
I have not done any research into how we can support Moodle Mobile yet, but I'll try to give some starting steps at least.
For starters, if you're not familiar with Moodle Mobile you should check out https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_Mobile.
I guess some of the initial things to figure out is how to integrate with Angular and Ionic.
Then storage is an important next step, we need to figure out what must be stored locally on the mobile and what can be fetched from the plugin. Hopefully the plugin should already support serving content types to the mobile, since it is only HTML, JS and CSS that is being served, but this has to be investigated further.

Please let us know how this progresses and if we can help breaking down some barriers with you.
Best regards,

Any update for the H5P plugin which is support on Moodle mobile App,Please guide on this.

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To my knowledge there is not currently being done any work to support Moodle mobile app. There is an open ticket for it in the H5P issue tracker where you can follow along if any progress is being done and where anyone can start work on it: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-252


Last year we touched base with the moodle mobile dev team, they strongly suggested for us to wait untill they launched the 3.5 version of the mobile app. They are migrating to a new framework so any work in the current code will be a waste of time. It seems that the upcoming version will make it significantly easier to develop add ons, and hopefully, to have true native mobile H5P.


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thanks for the update! once you have a testable version please let me know to help the testing.



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Thank you for the update, I'm looking forward to seeing the changes they've introduced :)

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There seems to be a workaround that is working for some (but as posted not for me as yet).

Mr Feng, has got a way working for his setup and I am just playing with it now to see if I can get it working on mine. 


Also of note and understanding that there is a change in code coming for M3.5 on the Mobile app. 

Just to throw this out there, I am using an embedded pdf hosted viewer. This app allows me to post the pdf into a lesson via the embedding command and then will stream to the desktop version and mobile version of Moodle. 

What this means for me is that (and I need to run a few tests), is that in theory, the way they are coding their iframe could be used for H5P iframes for Moodle mobile (but then again, I could be wrong on this assumption). 

This is the app.. there is a free version that can be played with.. 


As said, their code works within the moodle app perfectly.. and is touch responsive.. (but I haven't looked at any tracking)

Also, I note what Dan J has said in the posted thread about hosting out to a wordpress site and embedding back to the Moodle site, which is what is happening with the Flowpaper situation as I am cloud hosting the pdf's and streaming to the Moodle site..  so now that I have read this, chances are that this is working with H5P already.. 

Edits: Have tested this out using a bitnami\AWS\WP setup and working great. 

I have documented the workaround to get it going.. 


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Thank you for the information dgcruzing.


Thank you for update !!

Hi everyone,

As a short note, moodle mobile 3.5 has been released along with the documentation on how to make plugins work on mobile, yayyy. Our team will start reviewing it, and it will be nice to hear from others about their own attempts to make H5P work on moodle mobile.

Here´s the link to the documentation: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Mobile_support_for_plugins#Using_the_JavaScr...


Sandro Franco