Video buffering bug?

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

 have a background video that is stored on Vimeo and a H5P interactive video project that contains hotspots. When a hotspot is clicked that is linked to another time in the video some of the intermittent screens are displayed before the actual target is displayed.

What is causing this effect? Is there a setting that might prevent this? 

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Hi Jessica,

I'm suspecting that this is just a buffering issue. If you can share a link to the activity we can test it as well.


Hi BV52,

I am not allowed to share the material, but I suppose I can describe how it works. 

The user is asked to perform a task, if they get it wrong, they are skipped forward to a screen that contains a hint, and if they get that wrong, they are skipped forward to a demo. When the demo is complete they can either go back and try it again or move on to the next step.

The problem is that during the transitions when the user is moved from one part of the video to another, you can see a few of the screens in between flickering past. I want the user to only see the screen they are leaving and then the screen they are taken to, not see the interrim screens. The interaction to move from one place to another is the hotspot go to or the image go to action.

Is there anyway that I can learn more about how h5p buffers video? Why is it doing that? I would prefer a fade-in transition during the buffering. Anything but seeing the material in between two points. 

Is there a setting to force the video to load entirely before running the interactive video? Would that help?

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I tried reproducing this without any luck. My guess is that this could be related to how the video is transcoded or how the browser buffers it. Note that currently it's the browser that decides on how and when to buffer the video, H5P just specifies the time code.

It is also a possibility that it could be related to the web server streaming the video file as well, but it seems less likely as most web servers handle this well.

What I would try first is to transcode the video in a different way, e.g. having a keyframe at least every second – or try another video format, e.g. webm if you're using mp4, and see if the issue improve.

Thank you icc

I created another version of the video with more time allotted for the start and end points and that seems to have resolved the issue. :)