What type of user data do you get with your H5P content?

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Hi, I am curious of what other people are pulling from their user data of H5P content. I have spoken to a few colleagues from our first H5P throughout the year, and I've either heard that the content is used without an LRS, or in the instance of LMS users, I think the data wasn't showing the user responses to the questions. Could other share any screenshots of what their user data looks like from their platform? I'd appreciate it, thanks!

I'm wanting to find examples of being able to access user answers in content. (e.g. what were their automated responses in multiple choice, drag and drop? but also, is there any way to capture their open response answers?)


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Hi Debbie,

H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in.

I highly recommend looking through these documentation:






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Hi, Nice, thank you for the response. I do understand the need for the plug in (if I were using a Drupal, Moodle, or WordPress) or an LRS, but I am more speaking from the perspective of the end users that I speak with on a daily basis who will never have anything to do with these back end processes. We would just want to know what will the user data look like. I would love to see some samples or screenshots of other users xAPI data who are either using the PlugIn and/or have the record store, or even better yet, anyone using the LTI with H5P. And it does seem that different users are getting different views of this data, so I'm dying to get a glimpse from a non-developer, teacher standpoint and gain a better analysis. Screenshots anyone?

I'll be generating my own samples in about a week using the LTI (H5P.com) feature within Blackboard LMS, so I'll be happy to share those as soon as I get some to share.

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Hi Debbie,

We are testing the h5p.com LTI integration in Blackboard. At the moment, I can only see a score reported to the Grade Center for the attempt on each H5P content. There is a Grade User Activity option for the cell, but this takes me to the h5p content itself and I don't see any responses about the student's choices, or timings. I'll paste the score reporting below.

After clicking the Grade User Activity, I only see the h5p interactive object without student data. See screen shot below:

I know the developers are still working on the integrations with the learning management systems. So, hopefully more detail is to come.

All the best,

Heather Caprette
Cleveland State University