Grades in Moodle with uploaded activities (column)

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Hi, congrats for the great, easy to use, beautiful tool. We have been working for a while with the online version creating different types of activities. Last one has been a column type with slides, interactive video and some others. We are a public organization in Spain and we work with Moodle. The technicians have installed h5p in our Moodle and we have uploaded some of these activities. They work fine but the results are not saved in the gradebook. The few examples, not so complex, that we have created directly in Moodle are graded correctly. We tried to find an answer about this but we couldn't find it. So, I have a couple of questions. Is it possible to grade uploaded activities that were created outside the Moodle platform? If so, how can it be done? Gracias desde España
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Hi alceenlinea,

Thank you for the kind words. Contents created outside of Moodle can be uploaded and scored correctly. To do this you just need to create a content and upload the downloaded .h5p. Which I assume what you have done. On that note can you please upload the .h5p here so that we can check.


Hi BV52,

Yes, that's what we did. We created the activity, Clolumn, at, downloaded the file, uploaded to Moodle. I attach the file, just in case there is something wrong.

Thanks for your quick answer. Best wishes from Salamanca.

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Hi, For the Column content type all "tasks" within the content type must be completed before you get a result and a report in the Moodle gradebook. This is because this is the only time we know that the user has completed all questions.

For your Column that means that you must answer the Image Hotspot Question by clicking somewhere in the picture, watch the Interactive Video until the end and answer the end summary, visit the summary page for both Course Presentations.

We realize that the current system for when results and reports are submitted is sub-optimal, which is why we're currently working on a solution that gives the user more control of when they are submitting the answer for Interactive Video. Hopefully we'll be able to apply a similar solution to both Course Presentation and Column in time.

Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas.

Everything is crytal clear now. Probably that's what happened. We didn't finished all the parts of the activity. We try this. And nothing is sub-optimal with h5p. You are working hard and that's the great thing, we can trust that solutions will come.


It's now Jan 2021 . . . has the issue with the submit been addressed?  I don't see a "SUBMIT" button on the activities (I mainly use the Column) or any other way for the student to know that they have "finished" the activity and it has gone to the gradebook.  I hope I am overlooking something . . . 


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Hi Sheila,

I'm afraid how Column triggers sending the grades is still the same.