Drupal shared hosting problem

I am using Hostinger for a Drupal H5P server. When I try to upload images or video over ~6Mb the site freezes and eventually loads install.php. 

I can go back to the content page but any content that has caused a freeze during production will not load and go to install.php again. The Drupal log has the 2006 mysql server has gone away error.

I asked Hostinger to let me know what the /etc/my.cnf settings were and if they complied with the requirements outlined here https://www.drupal.org/node/259580. They did not tell me the settings but told me:

"you should consider using a VPS with that, as it looks like it requires more resources than the shared hosting offers" 

In the time between my question and their reply I installed the Drupal Video module and successfully uploaded a 13Mb file, so I pointed that out. They replied:

"So, it's not the 13mb upload the issue, but it seems like that the "script" or the "plugin" itself isn't meant to be used on shared hosting environment"

Can anybody shed any light on this problem? Is H5P not meant to be used in shared hosting?


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The H5P module should work fine on shared hosting, though some solutions may have special setups or restrictions that prevent H5P from working as intended. It's hard to say exactly what's the issue in this case without seeing the error log or knowing the setup.

Thanks for the reply. Certainly seems the general concensus from searching the subject. 

I am hoping that somebody might recommend a shared host that is known to work with H5P. My LMS is saying that they will soon support it and H5P.com is looking imminent but neither have dates and I have to get my content live this week!

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H5P.com won't be ready this week -- but maybe someone in the community can suggest a good host.


Hi Oliver. I saw on Twitter that on May 15th 200 early subscribers received invitations to test H5P.com so I am hoping that it is getting close to going live. Regards

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Yes we're in closed beta now and should be ready for opening the gates soon -- but certainly not within a week. Right now we're sending out more and more invites in the order that we received the subscriptions.