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Hi, if I´m a course creator and i want to use h5p to create a language course and sell it on my website... can I? or can anyone have access to the modules I create using h5p? what I mean is... is there a way to guarantee only the students who have enrolled in my course, get access to my course modules?

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Hi JDlearning,

If you are creating your contents in these are publicly available and anyone who has access to the internet can use your contents. 

There is a way to make sure that only those you choose can use your content. This is by using one of the supported plugins (Drupal, Moodle or Wordpress).



I would like to use h5p content on my e-learning platform. Content would be embeded. The courses are going to be sold. In order to be totaly ok with your "use policy" I realy need to make sure I am allowed to use h5p to create content before I start doing so.

Thanks for your answer.


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Please see my answer here.