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In the Course Presentation activity, in the bottom toobar we have 2 icons that can be used to change the order of the slides. These icons are labelled "Sort slide - left" and "Sort slide - right".

I think this is not the correct use of the verb "sort". You usually sort items by date, size, alphabetical order, etc. Actually here you do not "sort" the slides, you move them (towards the beginning (left) or towards the end (right) of the group of slides).

I suggest to re-label those icons: "Move slide - left" and "Move slide - right".

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Thanks for catching that. I agree with you!

- Tom

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Hi, yes I agree - labels could be improved.
We have an issue for "slide options" improvements here:

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You're wonderful, Papi Jo ! I was looking for that fonction (to move the slides) and would never find it without your post. Tks tks tks !