From Moodle plugin to Is it possible to import activities created in Moodle plugin?

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Up to now, I used to create my content in and then upload it to Moodle. But I couldn't use large videos.

I have created my last activity in the h5p Moodle pluging and I would like to bring it to h5p so it is available for everybody. Is it possible?

I only see the option to make a security copy and download it, as a .mbz file. And I don't see the option to import files

Thanks for your help.

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Hi jvcallejo,

There should be a download botton at the bottom of your content. If you don't see the button, edit the content and enable the download button under "Display Settings".


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Hi BV52,

I have checked the options in the "Display Settings" and there is nothing related with download to make it available. It's a column type activity. I have created several of this in and in all of them the download button is available.

UPDATE: I have realized that this option has to be set for the site. I have asked the admin to do so. But, once I have downloaded the content from Moodle, how can I upload it to

Thanks again. Best wishes.


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Hi Jorge,

When creating a content you have 2 choices "Create Content" and "Upload". Choosing upload will let you upload your content. Please note though that all files that is uploaded into is limited to 16MB.