From Moodle plugin to Is it possible to import activities created in Moodle plugin?

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Up to now, I used to create my content in and then upload it to Moodle. But I couldn't use large videos.

I have created my last activity in the h5p Moodle pluging and I would like to bring it to h5p so it is available for everybody. Is it possible?

I only see the option to make a security copy and download it, as a .mbz file. And I don't see the option to import files

Thanks for your help.

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Hi jvcallejo,

There should be a download botton at the bottom of your content. If you don't see the button, edit the content and enable the download button under "Display Settings".


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Hi BV52,

I have checked the options in the "Display Settings" and there is nothing related with download to make it available. It's a column type activity. I have created several of this in and in all of them the download button is available.

UPDATE: I have realized that this option has to be set for the site. I have asked the admin to do so. But, once I have downloaded the content from Moodle, how can I upload it to

Thanks again. Best wishes.


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Hi Jorge,

When creating a content you have 2 choices "Create Content" and "Upload". Choosing upload will let you upload your content. Please note though that all files that is uploaded into is limited to 16MB.


I have downloaded a H5P course made in Moodle and want to upload it in Moodle too but in another learning environment. I can safe the document as a .MBZ file. But the 'new' Moodle environment does not accept to upload a .MBZ file. It only accepts H5P.files. Could you help me how i can import this H5P course into a new Moodle environment. Best whishes Marianne

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Hi Marianne!

I am not sure if I correctly understand what you mean. If you downloaded an .MBZ file (seemingly short for "moodle backup zip"), that's a moodle course, not H5P content. If you want to transfer that moodle course to another moodle platform, you'll have to restore it as a moodle course. If you only want to transfer H5P content, you'll have to download that by clicking the "Reuse" button underneath the content. That will give you an .h5p file that you can upload in the H5P Hub. Please note that you may not see that "Reuse" button if the platforms administrator or the author of the content prohibited to download content.


Thank you this helped me!

Best wishes Marianne

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Hi Marianne,

Just to add to this you can reference this documentation on how to import/export contents.


Dear all,

I would like to resize (actually make it smaller) the content of a slide so the students do not have to scroll down for the 'check answer' option. Is that possible?