Site speed huge issue

I have an interactive video on my site with one button to press at the end of the video that takes you to an external URL. I have recently found that by having your plugin activated on my site it slows down the site by 4+ seconds, which is crazy. What can I do to fix this? Or will I just have to not use your plugin?

Site speed issue
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This doesn't sound right. How are you measuring the site performance? Are you timing the overall page load time in the browser or the single request to load the page? You should note that when loading multiple JavaScript components the overall load time can quickly double. Though your web page is still usable after the ~500ms initial load time of the document.

I am measuring the performance on sites such as pingdom and other site speed tests. And yes the overall page load time, when the plugin is installed it doubles the page load time however when it is not installed the page load time decreases to what we need it to be.

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It is natural that page load time will increase when you have more assets that you have to load. If you compare a content rich site that loads many images/videos/assets to a page that only loads texts there will obviously be a significant difference. 

If this is not the case, please give some more detailed info on your benchmarks.