Moodle - Interactive Video - Next Activity

I want to add in a (dynamic: relative to the course you are in) link at the end of a video that takes the user to the next activity.

The interactive video is not marked complete until a grade is posted to the gradebook.

The quiz is not available until the video activity is completed.

The next activity link at the bottom of the page does not show until the activity is completed....

(I've included a picture of the previous & next activity links that are at the bottom of the moodle course page)

But once it is completed, it does not show up until you completely refresh the page, hence why I want to add a link at the end of the video.

When the user reaches the link, they can click it and it will direct them to the quiz.

Has anyone done this or have any ideas? The main idea is to force the user to watch the entire video before allowing them to continue to the quiz.

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This sounds like something that should be fixed.
Maybe there is a function or something that the H5P plugin could trigger upon completion that enables the next link.