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Any plans to enable H5P in BlackBoard?

(Important note from the H5P Team - we now have an H5P in Blackboard page)

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There are plans for LTI-support that would enable H5P in Blackboard.

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Are there any news to tell regarding Blackboard support?

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Not any news to tell right now, but the company I work for (Joubel) have plans for supporting LTI for H5P. If you'd like, I can add you to the relevant mailing list, so that you will be notified when there are any new information regarding this topic.

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That'd be great! The more news I can get about H5P's progress, the better :-)

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Could you also add me to the list? 

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Done :)

Please add me to the mailing list as well or if you could provide me a link to integration.

fnoks's picture is not released yet. Sign up for it at the bottom of this page, and you'll get to know when LTI (with integrates with Blackboard) is ready.

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falcon's picture is coming this year with support for Blackboard and more.

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Hi guys,

Could I be added to the Blackboard info mailing list please? Really looking forward to H5P in Blackboard!



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Hi Veronica,

You can sign up for it on the bottom of this page. And you'll get to know when LTI (with integrates with Blackboard) is ready.

- Tom

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