Word Templates

Has anyone created Word docs to be used as templates for H5P they could share? I would like to provide the word docs as templates for content developers and subject matter experts to work with prior to designing the content type in H5P. Ideally, the template would include character limits when applicable to show how much content could fit in a given type.

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Hi, I think that would be an excellent idea. Perhaps making a start using a public google doc would be a good way to go.

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I was wondering if anyone has actually created a template that SMEs, professors can fill out in Word.  Thank you.

it would also be good to import powerpoints OMG.. this would be a dream come true it would save so much time ...

Hi Tthere,

Just wondering if anyone has any Word docs that can be used as templates for the different H5P activities? I would like to provide a copy to SMEs to fill out prior to designing the content in H5P.

Many thanks in advance!