Embedding from H5P.org temporarily disabled

Update August 29th 10:52 am CET: Embedding has been enabled again. We've made several optimizations on H5P.org and most importantly our hosting supplier has moved H5P.org to a different physical machine. H5P.org should now be able to handle the high traffic seen during the last two weeks. We will in addition add more warnings to H5P.org against using H5P.org for creating and hosting content where the sole purpose is not to try out H5P.

We have seen frequent periods of down-time on H5P.org the last two weeks, it seems that H5P content created on H5P.org and embedded on third party sites is (despite being warned against) used so frequently that H5P.org is unable to handle the load. Adding more hardware has not been sufficient to fully improve the situation. We have now started several processes to improve the responsiveness of the site and hope to have everything fully operational from tomorrow(August 29th). While the processes are running we have disabled embedding to keep the most important features of the site functioning. The alternative would be having the entire community site down for several hours. We're sorry for any and all inconvenience this may cause. When we enable embedding again all existing content will work as it did before, new content will when embedded get a message making it clear that it is only to be used for trying out H5P, with links to how you can get started with H5P after testing it here on H5P.org.

When using H5P for real you should either self host or use H5P.com. We know embedding from H5P.org is still used for more than just trying out H5P despite previous warnings. Disabling embed is something we really wanted to avoid. We have to state again that H5P.org should not be used for hosting important content that is used for educational or any other purposes than just trying out H5P. The reason for this is quite obvious with the recent down time, H5P.org is running on low cost infrastructure. H5P.org's main purpose is to facilitate collaboration within the H5P community and promote H5P.

See getting started for how to self-host H5P content.

If you can't or won't self host you may consider H5P.com. H5P.com is a high-end service for creating and hosting H5P content. H5P.com funds the development of H5P (and scales automatically, so it handles much, much more traffic).