Drag and Drop in Course Pres: save, alignment and scroll bar error.

Hi there :)

I have been working on a Course Pres with 1 drag and drop on each slide (x16 slides). File attached.

Today the draggable items are moving after saves (they move about 20px in random ways). Sometimes they hide under the drop and drag canvas and I can't get them out in edit mode:(

I created this resource in Firefox - when viewed in FF, Chrome and IE the random draggables appear to have moved after each time I save it.

Additionally, when I view the same slides in FF/Chrome/iE - some of the drag and drop canvases have a scrollbar, which is not consistent across all browsers, but they are appearning when viewed in chrome (SEE SLIDE 10).

On a second note, when I go to save this activity, I get an error message saying "the content on this page has either been modified by another user, or you have alrteady submitted modifications using this form...and my changes cannot be saved..." I defintely do not have this resource open in another browser or tab or device.

Any help appreciated! Thanks for reading.


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At the times the drop zones have also moved randomly.

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Hi Brigette,

Let me try to adress this one by one :-)

I am unable to reproduce the moving draggables issue. Can you think of any triggers to this or is it random?

I have created a bug report for the scroll bar issue and you can follow the progress here.

The cannot save issue is a bit tricky but I do admit I've seen it before. I've seen this twice, the first time was I am editing multiple contents using tabs in the same browser the other was I left the browser open overnight without saving the content I was working on. I suggest you try to avoid these situations. I'm sorry though that it's hard to reproduce the issue consistently which also makes resolving it a bit tricky.




Hi Benvienido, 

I have done some further testing, that you might be interested in: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SfU1Sx0pt8-WrUlwK3_-5O1pU53khFb4/view?u...

I also had trouble replicting the "changes cannot be saved error."

If you can think of a work around to avoid any of the assets moving, or have any questions let me know. :) 

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Hi, What platform and which version of it are you using, what H5P plugin version are you using at which version of the libraries are you using ?
Please let us know detailed steps to reproduce the behaviour if you're still able to reproduce it after following these instructions.

Hi Thomas,

I used the website, h5p.org to create the resources during testing.

Kind regards,