auto-linking from within H5P Course Presentation not working

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Automatic hyper linking between H5P activities (Course Presentation) using Moodle's Auto-linking feature is not working. (Moodle 3.4).

To Replicate:

  • Enable Auto-linking at Course and H5P level.

Administration: Course administration >Filters)
Activity names auto-linking = On
Glossary auto-linking = On

Administration: H5P > Filters:
Activity names auto-linking = On
Glossary auto-linking = On


  1. Add a Topic
  2. Add two H5P activities (Course Presentation) named "Test 1" and "Test 2"
  3. Add test 'Link to Test 2' on the first slide of Test 1 Course presentation
  4. Save and Display and test link in Test 1 H5P presentation.

Expected result:
Text 'Test 2' becomes a hyperlink that when clicked opens Test 2 activity

Actual result:
Text 'Test 2' is plain text not a hyperlink.

Extra info:
same issue occurs for Glossary auto-linking.
same issue occurs when linking to 'moodle Section names


Note:  (14-Aug-2018):
I'm still following-up on getting the version of Moodle/H5P plug-in used. Although I believe latest version of H5P plug-in is used. (I don't have admin access so can't check this myself).

Has anyone been able to replicate this issue?

Content types: 
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Hi Cari!

I don't think that moodle can parse content that has been embedded into pages/courses. That's why it cannot add links to words/phrases of H5P content.


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Thanks Oliver, I was afraid that might be the case :( 

We are seeing links work in other formats such as lessons and quizzes but wanted to move toward the Course Presentations. Is there any movement to implement the linking within Course Presentations? Thank you!

We've gotten content to "link" to the site glossary if we first put it in an activity format like a lesson or a page and save it out.  If you then paste that content into an H5P CP, the content retains the link to the Glossary but it no longer acts like a popup. Instead it links to the Glossary item as a external link and takes you to the Glossary entry so it disruptes navigation back to the regular CP.

We've been able to get glossary 'links' to work in content in an H5P Course Presentation if we create the content first in another activity format such as a lesson or page.  The content links to the glossary as expected but when you copy and paste into the H5P, it retains the link as an external link and does not display as a popup but goes to the site glossary entry which disallows the correct navigation back to the H5P.