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Working on a presentation. Moved to Active Surface mode.

Rather than adding icons or text boxes to click on to move to a new slide, I want to show the slide titles panel on the left and expect it to autohide when a title is clicked on. However when I select 'auto hide' nothing happens. Is this just a setting when editing? The slide titles are either permanently on or not there when viewed.

Can't find any literature on it. Am I missing something? Tested on laptop and mobile device and built using Wordpress plugin v1.10.3

Can I also clarify one other thing: interactions HAVE to be added to proceed to the next; you can't just 'swipe' left and right?

Thanks guys.


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Hi Dan,

I'm afraid this is by design. Even with Surface Mode activated the slide titles are not disabled to help authors to easily track their work.

I'm not sure I understand your other question. You do not need to add interactions in a slide to get to the next slide.


Thanks for respoinding. 

I've created a short video and uploaded to H5P which demonstrates what I'm refering to. View here.  Key things:

a. I can't see TOC when Show TItle + Auto Hide is selected

b. I can't seem to navigate unless I use an anchor (over the green button) to move to the next slide

The reason I'm using Active Surface mode is because the PPT slides don't fit properly in standard mode, because of the slide navigation at the bottom.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Dan,

Thank you for the video.

a. The Surface mode actively disables the slide navigation when  "Always Show" is not set.

b. Yes you are correct on Surface mode the anchor triggers the movement to another slide.