Is it possible to run H5P in offline mode?


Is it possible to run H5P in offline mode? such as

- publish to CD

- convert to EXE file  etc.


Thank you


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Hi Narit,

This is not possible as you described above. But there is a way to run the contents on computers that are not connected to the internet. Below are the steps:

  1. Install WAMP/MAMP (depends on the OS)
  2. Install one of the 3 supported frameworks.
  3. Install H5P.
  4. Once everything has been installed you can now use these system offline by uploading an H5P that has been downloaded from for example.

Note: You need to download/upload the content type to the computer before you can create contents of the same type.


Hi BV52,

Thank you for your responding, i will try to explore that as you mention.



Back in the time, I did a home-made WAMP setup, then placed it on CDs with a hacky script that would copy it to C:\MyServer (if it wasn't already there), modified config/registry values, and then ran Apache and did "start http://localhost".

Nowadays it should be easier to do something like that with a Portable WAMP.  You'd probably just need to set it up once, then copy and run it anywhere else.

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Hi Chema,

Thank you for the input.


Hi there.

If I setup h5p to my pc so I could have offline operation could I made new h5p file? (I think yes).
If "yes" is the answer could this new file created offline be functional online when uploaded to a server?

Thanks for your quick answer


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Hi mtol!

You might want to try Lumi.


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Thanks Otacke you saved my ... weeks!!!

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Feel free to invite me to a cup of coffee for me then ;-)

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