Images already in correct Hotspot zones do not register as correct

Using the Drag and drop function, images that are already in their correct Hotspot zones do not register as correct without the user moving the object image a little bit. The user has 4 objects and needs to decide which two move and then move them to their proper location. If they move the correct two objects and leave the remaining two in their correct location the system will not verify the correct location on the two that do not move.



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Hi thaye1g,

I'm afraid the Drag and Drop content only registers a score if a draggable has been moved. It does not take into account if the draggable object is already in the correct position. This is not a bug but instead by design. Although with the activity you are creating there is a need for the activity to recognize the draggable is already in the right place eventhough it has not been moved. Hence I have moved this post to the Feature Request forum.