Show solution override in course presentation

Hi all, 

First a little bit about my environment:

H5P moodle plugin version 1.5

Moodle version 3.3

I have a bit of a sticking point with the behaviour settings in a course presentation. I've set the module to specify that the show solution button should be 'disabled' which I would have taken to mean that it wouldn't work when navigating to the summary slide. I've set all of the questions, where they appear on their slides to enable 'answer must be given before solution can be viewed and each question has the show solution button hidden. The summary slide is enabled.

When I test as a student account I deliberately go to the summary slide to check the behaviour, and the 'show solution' button is available, I can click on it and browse through the slides and the answers are revealed, even though I haven't attempted any of the questions and in spite of the settings I already mentioned above. 

I cannot hide the summary slide because then the overall score will not be reported back to the gradebook and by extension, I cannot issue a certificate based on a passing grade because none would be recorded. 

Please can you help me as I would really prefer the candidate not to be able to view the solutions before attempting the questions. 


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Hi FHccc,

Thank you for reporting this. This is actually by design and there have been several talks to have more control on how the summary slide will function. Personally I agree that we shoudl have more flexibility with summary slide. I've moved your post to the Feature Request forum.



Has there been any movement on this? If the show solutions button is available on the summary slide, then it should be looking at the question behaviour stating whether or not an answer is supplied before the answer is given. 




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Hi Fred,

I'm sorry there are no progress yet on this request.