using embed code on other websites

Since I can't use the code from and using the embed code from Moodle on another website does not work, how can I achieve this? The option no good as that looks like a paid service?

I want to paste the embed code on Libguides or our CMS. If I create it in Wordpress, will it have the same problem as the ones made in Moodle? The embed code from Moodle doesn't work on other websites. Any suggestions


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Hi Nick,

As long as the content is created on a public page when you host it, it should work. Furthermore you will get Content unavailable message if you're using the embed code and you don't have permission to view the content – or – the embed has been disabled.

Go to Settings -> H5P and make sure the Display Embed button is set to Controlled by author - on by default, which is the default value (steps are for WP)


That helps alot!

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I working in blogger and for me only is possible to embed the video on my site.

How is possible to read the replies of the users?

Thanks for your time and congrats about this tool

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Embedding H5P contents will not generate any data. H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in.

I highly recommend looking through these documentation:




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