manually upload/add 616.h5p in Wordpress?

I've been following instructions on to integrate h5p in my brand new! and very first! Wordpress environment on a free website hoster .
I can add the plugin to the WP-workspace but when proceeding to adding/uploading 616.h5p as content I get an error
"405 Not Allowed nginx " .
(Btw: A new folder is created for the attempted upload wp-content/uploads/h5p/temp/h5p-xyzcrazycharacters which seems to stay empty.)

I then used chmod to set all wp-folders to 777, recursively but that didn't change the outcome of a new upload attempt for 616.h5p. Except, a new folder wp-content/uploads/h5p/temp/h5p-xyzcrazycharacters2 gets created.

I can not say whether this behavior is my stupidity, my hoster's error in restrictively handling wordpress-admin-requests or the h5p-commands within the wp-admin menu.
So I thought I'd ask for an instruction on manually uploading and registering 616.h5p into my wordpress-environment.

Or - if you could point me towards resolving the error to be able to keep using the normal wp-interface?

Both would be gladly appreciated! :)

I switched to Agilityhoster and h5p content upload for WP 3.9.1 works seemlessly, here.

The folder structure after the uploaded h5p content is not "guess-able".
Also, the wp-tables in MySQL do get inserts after the content upload.
So the "manual upload" is just not an option as a work around.

As to what obstacle hindered the upload on the first hoster I don't know.
They do have the same WP-version as Agilityhoster.
But for example the permissions on wp-content/uploads default to 755 on lima-city and to 777 on Agilityhoster.

Anyway, problem gone.
Now happily playing with Question Sets :-)

Thanks for sharing your own solution and thoughts :)

Your plugin is soo pretty!
Agility is a bit too slow, though. So I switched again to running the environment on my OSX client.