Mass Import of Dialog Card / Flashcard text data

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I have lots and lots of vocabulary words to import for a language project In Hindi. I am working mainly with Dialog Cards, Flashcards. But I suppose this request would apply to any exercise which is text heavy and already prepared. I also use the Drag and Drop exercises where I prepare all the text data in advance in a word process app, so something like this could be imported all in one go as well. We have all the text data already prepared for these exercises- - they are in Google Spreadsheets.

Is there any way to import all the words in one go?? 

I personally use a flashcard APP for my language study where I can paste all the text into a spreadsheet, like Google Spreadsheets, and as long as I have all the “side 1 text” in the first column, “side 2 text” in column 2, and even the photo titles can all be imported in one go as long as their names are in the appropriate column in the spreadsheet. It’s called FLASHCARD DELUXE. There is a free version, if you want to check it out.... (This particular Flashcard app allows for 5 digital ‘sides’ meaning that very complex study can be developed.)  With this APP all I have to do is go to the import function in the app. I direct it to my Google Spreadsheet in my Drive where I have all the data already set up and it imports all the text in one go. The algorithm makes its own folder in my Google Drive and keeps a copy there but it also imports all the text into the app itself. I can later edit the imported text after import as well if I wish. It just takes seconds to do that for even hundreds of entries. Updates are easy to do as well, making the system very responsive to changes and improvements and corrections, making the production of Flashcards and Dialog cards a snap.

As an aside, in Flashcard Deluxe I can also turn on Siri to read the cards for me in most languages. I assume that the Android version has a similar function. It also keeps track of the cards I always get right = showing them less = and the cards I miss a lot = showing them more often at intervals I can set. You can see my Feature Request about the Science of Flashcards in a different Request —yes, there is a science to Flashcards!! Also, my score of right and missed is kept as well....

In this present H5P system, it seems counterproductive to have to copy and paste dozens upon dozens of words, up to hundreds and thousands of words in a language course, one by one in this day and age.... Even if the photos couldn’t be done (but it would be great if they could be done), it would be great to be able to import all the text in one go. I think this would be a wonderful feature to add as most people making Dialog cards or Flashcards or other types of exercises have the text all prepared in advance..... the work would go so much faster.

Thank you for reading this....  I also want to say that I think the work all of you have done for H5P is wonderful. Being able to do online study projects like the ones I have seen and that I am working on as well is just marvelous and amazing!! Thank you so much for your efforts!!

Mass import of text data for Dialog Cards and Flashcards or other exercises
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Hi Pammellam,

I agree with this and it could drastically change the way we create a lot of the contents efficiency wise. Thank you for the suggestion and very detailed explanation. 


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Hi Pammellam,

even though I guess you've solved this in another way already, I'd like to dig up this old thread and ask you what you have in mind for this feature. Do you want to create a single big H5P content for hundreds of vocabulary entries or do you want to create several H5P activities, one for a "unit" or something like this? And how are images stored in your use case? Are they URL or really in the spreadsheet?

I'm working on a tool that automizes H5P content creation for another purpose, but creating flashcards from a spreadsheet would be quite easy to implement.

When you get a tool or add-on developed for importing multiple units for flash cards, matching, label-dragging, etc, I would love to know about it, perhaps even join your beta test team.

I want to be able to use the copy feature except instead of "replace and paste" If I had the choice to just "paste" that would save me a lot of work when combining cards already made!

I agree, we could really use this request. It would save many hours of time if we could simply upload an excel file that has 2 columns for Dialog Cards, 1 column = the text and the 2nd column = the answer. Thanks!


I'd just like to chime in and say that I would also love to see a bulk import feature for Dialog Cards. It is the perfect H5P application for my course, but data entry is difficult. Would love to be able to import a CSV (or some other standard) file full of questions and answers for the cards!

An essential feature.

This would be a great feature that would save us a lot of time for flashcards.  It would be even better if it allowed for HTML in a CSV import file.  Moodle has a pretty good "Flash Card Set" plugin with Leitner play that allows for mass import but won't allow for HTML mass import the last time I tried it. 

Just curious if this has worked it's way up on the feature list yet to be implemented? 

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Hi slurpee7,

I'm afraid the core team has not yet prioritized this feature. I sure hope that someone from the community picks this up and create the feature for us.


it would be an awesome feature!

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Sebastian Rettig wrote an import script some time ago: