Interactive Video - moodle plugin - Vzaar hosting - ios device

Hi All.

So I'm using H5P interactive video plugin for moodle (moodle version 3.5.)

The video is hosted on vzaar.

When linking the H5P to the vzaar video all works fine in windows, and android, using firefox and chrome. It does not display in my ios test devices, an ipad (ios version 9.3.5) an iphone (ios version 10+) using safari.


When embedding the same video using the iframe embed, and the html5 embed, directly on a moodle page (i.e. not through the H5P player) the video works on all OS and devices

Question is, why doesn't it work inside the H5P interactive video on ios.

Video placeholder says 'video format not supported'.

I am using a link like this

Many thanks in advance.


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As described in the H5P documentation on how to add Vimeo videoes to interactive video player, rather than enter the shortcode link to the Vzaar video i.e. wich fails for ios, it seems that if you enter the full url to the Vzaar video, which includes a token e.t.c., then the vzaar video does play in the H5P interactive video player.

BUT... the token expires after a period of time, so it's not the solution unfortunately.


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Hm, it sounds like this may be an authentication or cookie issue.

Do you have access to debug the device? E.g. hook the device up to your Mac and open the Developer Tools from the Safari menu. This should bring up the console with any error messages explaining what's wrong.
I believe you have to enable some debugging setting on the iPad first.