H5P content not working on ios devices

I don't know if this is a server related problem or not, but I suspect it might be since no one else seems to be having the same problem.  Our H5P is struggling to display on ios devices. Please see this screen recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SLleWZ6tRKltayh1-VLG5BtmlfaoOmP9/view?usp=sharing

Any ideas?


Thank you!

Helen Morrison

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Hi Helen,

In order to give your bug report the best chance of getting answered, please include the following information:

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)
  2. Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle.
  3. Mobile or Desktop
  4. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  5. H5P plugin version
  6. H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P.
  7. Any browser console errors
  8. Any PHP errors
  9. Screenshots if it's a visual problem

The more information you provide, the quicker the community will be able to fix it and the quicker you'll have a working solution!


Have the same problem as Helen. Moodle 3.5.1 add H5P interactive content onto a course using latest H5P plugin. Select audio recorder in the editor and save. Then, access the content as a student. The content works okay on a Mac laptop but if you access the content on an IPhone with latest IOS version it does not display properly (both on Chrome and Safari). As in Helen's screenshoot, the content flickers and it is impossible to record. 

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Hi ftg1982,

Do you have sample page that we can test?


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Hi Helen and ftg1982,

I checked the sample content and I am also seeing the same issue. I did some poking around since I know that Safari does not fully support this content type. Chrome although stated in this page is supported this is not the case for iOS devices since Apple does not allow third-party browser engines. So in a nutshell Chrome in iOS devices is still Safari at its core.


Thanks for looking into this. That makes this content type of H5P  unusable for quite a large proportion of users. Is this something you can look at fixing in future releases? 

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Hi ftg1982,

A fix cannot be created until Safari for iOS fully supports the component that lets this content work. I do hope they do this in the near future :-)


The H5p content was working on ios devices for other Moodle sites, so we knew it was on our end somehow.  Turns out it was an issue with our customized theme.  We are updating to the newest version of Moodle now and it appears the H5P content is going to work on ios devices once we roll out the update.  

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Hi Helen,

Thank you for the update. I'll double check this as well on my end


I am getting a "Misdirected Request" error message trying to access H5P content on Safari and iPhone. Others attempting to access the same content are getting the same error message. The content works fine on other browsers.

Are others experiencing this problem? Is there any way to fix it?


I use H5P plugin for wordpress.

Dont appear h5p exercices in safari browser.

It is a problem for me and my students because several of them only have that option.

Any solution? Thanks.

With Android phone or tablet, and Windows (crhome, edge, explorer, firefox) no problem occurs

I had this problem months ago and no one seems to have any ideas about how to solve it. I've just had to give up using H5P.

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Hi all!

Not knowing anything about that problem, I simply went to Google asking what "misdirected request iOS" might be. I found several posts hinting to this problem only occurring on iOS, but not other platforms - completely unrelated to H5P in particular. It seems that a likely cause is a problem with SSL certificates attached to multiple domains (cmp. for instance https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58649448/misdirected-request-happening-on-apple-devices). You might want to check that.