Audio Recorder

A free HTML5 audio recorder. Record your voice and play back or download a .wav file of your recording. Use the H5P plugin to create the H5P Audio Recorder to your Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle site. A great tool for LMS' and other e-learning websites. 

Create interactive content like this with the free H5P plugin for:

Wordpress   Moodle   Drupal



Audio Recorder allows you to record your voice and play it back immediately or download a .wav file for future use. A fitting content type for open-ended questions and language courses. 

Important note: This content type currently has limited browser support. It works on Edge, Chrome and FireFox. We hope more browsers will implement support for the ways this content type does recordings.


Create an account at and head over to the Audio Recorder project page to contribute translations. 

New to H5P? Read the installation guide to get H5P on your own site.