Disabling controls during interactive video questions

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Title says it all, I hope. Maybe there's a setting I'm missing? As it is, students can just press Play and skip past questions. Can this be avoided?

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Thank you for reporting. It is not possible to force students to answer questions yet. It is a feature that will be added. It seems to be very important to you?

I want to know about the video interaction with the image. I am learning Video editing in New York and I just want to ask you about the video interaction with good visual effects. How can I merge video with visual effects? Hope you understand my question. Please reply soon.

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I'm sorry to say I do not understand your question. Please elaborate.

So I've been looking in the Edit Plugins page, going through the H5P libraries (using Wordpress) and I want to modify the how the interactive video works. For instance adding an option giving the teacher the option of disabling the controls during questions. Is there a way to do this? I cannot seem to find any files for the interactive video.

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You would need basic development skills, and understand have H5P works. You could start reading our developers documentation

So I may have asked how to do this prematurely, I am using this in my bachelor assignment so I have only the basics down. Anyhow, I have gone through the developers documentation and such, getting a Plugin to organize the Plugin in directories helped a lot, it seems however, that I do not have access to the Interactive Video compartment in the H5P editor area. What I am really wondering is if the following solution will work.

Downloading the Interactive Video download.
Modify the h5p/interactive-video.js file
Compressing the folder to .h5p and uploading it.

So please tell me if I am on the right track or just wasting my time:)


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Yes, you should be able to modify a package the way you describe. But if you already have the library installed in your WP, you'll have to increase the patchVersion since the plugin will only accept newer versions of libraries. Or you can add the following line to your wp-config.php

define('H5P_DEV', true);

which will allow you to upload old version. But note that this is not recommended on production systems and you risk break the content if you upload an older verison of a library.

Another way of doing it is to modify the JavaScript files directly under wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.InteractiveVideo-1.x/scripts
But if you wish to change the metadata or semantics in the JSON files you'll need to edit the database tables.

After editing the .js/.css files you might have to clear your browsers cache, or set you development tools to always fetch them from the server. This is to avoid using the old version of the files which are cached in your browser.

If you upload a new version of the library after making changes, your changes will be overwritten. You can export your changes if you just re-save the content and then download the .h5p file.

Thank you, I'll try to do this
By the way, I'm just curious if I can access this script from within WP. From what I can tell, the only folders in wp-content/uploads/h5p are

Neither of which contains a H5P.InteractiveVideo-1 directory or any other files related to InteractiveVideo.
I cannot find where the additional library files uploaded through H5P end up. 

Anyway, I've gotten enough help for now, and I am grateful for that.

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It sounds like you might be in the wp-content/plugins/h5p folder. You should find the h5p libraries somewhere under wp-content/uploads. If you're using multi-site setup or something similar you'll have to look into one of the subfolders to see if you find h5p/libraries.

I agree with the op. I think it would be very valuable to include a setting to prevent students to skip questions.