Iframe Embedder, Airtable refused to connect

As mentioned in the subject, I tried to embed the airtable url with h5p but it always returns as "Airtable.com refused to connect"

1. Step to reproduce: Create an activity in moodle, choose H5P, choose Iframe Embedder, copy the public link and put it in the box of Source.

2. Platform: Moodle

3. Desktop and Mobile

4. Chrome and Safari

5. Latest H5P version

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Hi Bearcupine,

1. Do you have any errors in the browser console?

2. Would you mind sharing a test site?



1, I have no error in browser console.

2, test site: educe.academy/portal

1, I have no error in the browser console

2, Educe.academy/portal is the site

actually, I found the problem, it seems like Airtable doesn't allow this to be shown in an iframe: Refused to display in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

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Hi Bearcupine,

Yes you are right the website simply won't allow their content to be inserted in Iframes.