Documentation Tool - Submit doesn't work

Hi, as said in the subject,

I like the feature Documentation Tool a lot. But unluckily, as soon as I press the button Submit on the Export Document Page, it doesn't submit anything.

P/s: also I would like to ask if there is any way to fix Save Content State since Save Content State doesn't seem to work too.

Step the reproduce the bug,

1, Add activity, choose H5P.

2, Content type: Documentation Tool

3, Add an export document page and 1 extra page for information

4, Try to input some text and go to export document page

5, Press Create Document

5, Press Submit

6, Check the submission list

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Hi Bearcupine!

The xAPI statements seem to be sent correctly, so submission seems to be fine. You're not mentioning what you're expecting to happen.

And the Documentation Tool doesn't implement the save content feature at all, so it can't be broken ;-)



Thanks, I later on checked it out and see that Save Content is not implemented.

About the Submission, I would like to know what this Submit button does since i expect it to submit the document to the assignment list and the teacher can grade it. But it never appears.

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Hi Bearcupine,

Which system are you using? H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in.

I highly recommend looking through these documentation:


At least for Moodle it sends the information to the Gradebook with the information that the student entered.





Yes, I'm using moodle. I want it the Submitted File to after as a Submission and teacher can easily access it. For now, I found a way to access it is through the gradebook, but it makes the view submission too complicate for teacher in general. Is there anyway to make this visible to teacher like assignment type of moodle?

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I don't think that the H5P plugin for moodle features assignments.



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Hi Bearcupine,

H5P is centered on creating the contents and provides a way to retrieve data from them. It is however possible to customize how the data is shown by using another LRS plugin. You can head over to the above links for more information.