Presentations not appearing after user returns

For the Interactive presentations, we are using them throughout our Moodle LMS site. We have been unable to reproduct the error our users are reporting, but essentially the user can access a presentation upon first opening it, then if they leave (we think) and come back only in some courses/users will no longer be able to see anything on the page where there was a presentation. 

I speculated it could have something to do with the "return to last slide" setting, which we are using. The only way to make the presentation re-appear is to edit the activity and then save it resetting the position for all users. 

  • We are using the latest version of Moodle 
  • The most recent H5P version
  • There are no PHP errors 
  • It does not appear to be browser specific
  • Only using the presentation activity 
  • We cannot replicate the issue, If we login as the user we can see the missing presentation, but if we go into the course with an admin or test student account we can still see the presentation. 

Correct View of Presentation

Missing Presentation (error)

Any help with this would be fantastic. We are lost at trying to figure out how to resolve this issue. 

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Hi k_olsen010,

It's a bit complicated since it is not consistent in terms of reproducing the issue.

1. Can you please check if you have any error logs in the browser console (if and when the issue is reproduced).

2. Please provide a sample URL or a sample content so try to reproduce the issue on our end.



Hi BV52, 

It has been confusing us as well, relaying the issue is difficult since we cannot replicate it. Recently I removed the "return to last" position setting and that fixed the issue for all students. So I assume the root of the presentations not showing up is coming from there. There are no browser error logs I was able to see even on accounts with the issue. 

Here is a link to our testing site, and one of the courses we have seen the issue with: 

Click on the continue button,

Then login with this info:

You should go straight into the course we pre-enrolled. 

I enrolled that user into that course because it is one we have seen the issue reported frequently in. Again it seems to happen when a user uses the presentation to a certain spot (it saves their place) then they leave the course, or maybe the LMS and when they return they cannot see the presentation. The testing site is missing a few license key's so the best way to access the course is with that URL. IF you have trouble replicating the issue I could enroll you into the live site, the only issue is that the save your place setting is disabled there for now. 

I am happy to help in any way I can. Thank you for looking into this, I appreciate your help. 

Edited: Removed the username/pword

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Hi k_olsen010,

Thank you for the access.

I've been playing around this but sad to say I am unable to reproduce the issue on my side using different browsers. I don't think having access to the live site will do us any good since the we are suspecting the "save content state" triggers the issue.

Nonetheless here are a few suggestions so that you can isolate the issue:

  • Disable themes/add-ons which could cause the issue
  • Isolate if it may be a browser specific issue (I've noticed a difference in how the site loads between browsers and Firefox seems to load much slower than the others)
  • If you see the issue check the browser console on the page where the issue is showing
  • It's far fetched but maybe you may also see something in Moodle's debugging.

I'm sorry I do not have much as this point.