Bug H5p video

  Good Morning l have a problem with H5p Video using Moodle.

When i put mathematical expressions into single-choice and multiple-choice questions, through the Latex code the expressions get too large and visually ugly, I would like to know how to fix this, attached follows two pics of what is happening.

Thank you.

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Hi rhuan13!

I am pretty sure it's not a bug, but you entering TeX in block notation, not inline notation? ;-) Please consult the documentation for details: https://h5p.org/mathematical-expressions



Good Morning, I did not express myself very well so I'll take a step by step to better understanding.
1 I use the Mathtype program outside of Moodle I put it in the Tex Language copy and paste for the H5p Video 2: The error occurs when I use specially math expressions the response boxes and the text are getting too large and I do not know how to change 3: When they are questions without being mathematical expressions the text is in a normal size 4: error Occurs within the H5p video in multiple choice and single choice 5: Attached I will put the Tex print I'm using to see you. Thank you Rhuan 
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Hi rhuan13!

Maybe I wasn't clear either. You're using two dollar symbols $$ at the start and at the end of your formula. First of all, that's TeX and not strictly LaTeX, but that's not the matter. More importantly, it is commonly used to display Tex/LaTeX in block format (which means centered and not adjusted to the line's height) as described in the documentation that I linked to. What you want is inline notation, and that's entered as

\( some LaTeX \)


Thank you, this is the solution to my problem in the documentation it was not clear to me but you clarified.

Thanks for listening.