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If I created a course presentation using H5P - does that presentation then become available to other people who have a H5P account, or is it the content type templates that are available?

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Hi gillianlr,

If you create the content here in your content is available to anyone including people that do not have an account. Although the only way to see your content is if they know the URL. Contents can also be searched in search engines.

If you need your contents to be private either you install one for the 3 supported plugins or subscribe to


Thank you for your response.

I would need the contents to be private. I have an account does that mean I have subscribed.

At this time I am using Teachable as a LMS and CMS - not moodle, wordpress or Drupal. 

I have been able to embed an example H5P into Teachable bu using copying the code.








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Hi Gillian,

You created your account in which is used to test out the features of H5P. There are also plans to limit embedding from, so moving your contents to Moodle, WP or Drupal will be needed in the future. You can also sign up for which is a paid service that offers more.


Thanks you -- I was not aware of that