New content type : interactive text

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I am very happy to use H5P that makes all the javascript effects we implemented while hacking html and javascript code about 15 years ago !
All of this, accessible without any coding ability needed is wonderfull ! Great thanks for this great idea and project !

From my experience, there is one content type that does not yet exist in the H5P library : the interactive text.
Sometimes, teachers want to add tooltips on selected text, ton add explanations.
H5P has everything to implement such content type.
And this would help some professors that need such interactions in our institution.

So please consider the development of such content type in your roadmap !



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Hi Zabelle,

I'm actually working on a H5P content type like exactly this! However, it's not finished yet. You can follow my progress in the GitHub repository. The old thread on the forum is here. If you have more ideas on how you imagine such a content type to be like, I'm more than happy about ideas and feedback!

So far I've implemented tooltips and the possibility of opening and closing snipped text (see attached picture).


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Hello Sebastian,
I was sure other persons would need such interactive content.
This type of content may be used to add comments or definitions on text.
But I also see some case of use that highlight errors that may be of different types.
In such cases, it may be interresting to be able to define tooltip categories and associated text color enlightments.
Did you think about such functionnality ?