New Content type

New content request: admonition visual box


I am new with H5P edition and I faces an issue to produce "admonition" in H5P column with text content.

The advanced text editor does not allow to insert div with custom class or to set class on paragraph or span elements (that would be ok for me, I am a dev). I have also tried to edit content.json directly but it looks like H5P processor does some cleanup (div and class are removed), in particular Lumi SCORM exporter.

Is there any other way to work-around editor/processor limitations to introduce custom html/css formating in content?

Full Screen Bug in Presentations within Game Map

Dear all, 

I've noticed that there is a bug happening when using presentations in the game map. 

This is happening on both Chrome and Mozilla, I have also tested it on Safari Mobile:

1. Create Game Map and add a Course Presentation slide with any conent (I took an image)

2. Save changes and open the Game Map with the presentation

3. Click Full Screen on the presentation at the bottom right corner and exit the exercise stage.

4. Try to open the Course Presentation again. Contents are not displayed.