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Jeopardy Game

Call to all h5p community,

I would like to request a jeorpardy game to be developed, I think this will be easily acheiveable and will be a great addition to h5p.. I would like to reference jeopardy labs ... they have an amazing amount of games that are easily to play.. I see it transfering to h5p quite perfectly.. 



Crossing off items

It would be great to have a type of feature to be able to place an "X" over set places in an image. For example, the user needs to search for different items in their surroundings and then be able to "X" out or cross it off of the board or page made with those items on it. I am attaching an example of what is to be a travel bingo game board that I would like the user to be able to place an "X" over an item after they have found it.