New Content type

Enable new file extension


Hello everyone,
I am currently working on a WebXR library and would like to allow the upload of different 3D mesh data in the editor.

I have to add the desired file extension to the PHP constant $defaultContentWhitelist, but the return of the function getWhitelist() does not change.
And so the new file type is still not accepted in the editor.

Do I have to make changes somewhere else?

I am using for development Drupal 7 in combination with the development folder.

Many thanks

pdf as a content type

hi h5p community,

Hope all of us are having a wonderful Sunday, here is an idea, it is not new but worth looking at!! pdf in h5p content with turns.js and pdf.js.. just a suggestion ..

all the best,


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Personality type quiz, but not


My client is looking for something that has logic, for his clients to answer a set of questions and have a certain outcome, ( quite in-depth as its about investing and choosing the correct portfolio for their profits incomes etc ). Is the personality one the only one that fits what im looking for?


Thanks :)