interactive video drag and drop order of creation of elements

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I think I may have found a bug in the interactive video drag and drop. It appears that I must create all of the drop zones first. If I create a drop zone after I have created text, the drop zone will not have the text as a possible answer. It would make it easier if that was not the case. I had some drop zones that had a bunch of possible answers that I wanted to be able to copy and paste, but when I tried to paste new ones that already had the correct answers selected, it didn't recognize anything as possible answers. So then I had to start over.

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Hi sdspasova,

Thank you for reporting this. However this is not a bug but instead part of how Drag and Drop was designed. You do not need to redo the whole activity but instead you just need to re-map the possible drop zones for the draggables. To do this you need to open all draggables and place a check on the new drop zone that was created. Once you've done this you should see that the new dropzone will have the draggables as choices for the answer.

Afaik an automatic way of having drop zones as possible "drop zones" was not placed because not all Drag and Drop activities are created with one whole activity in mind.


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OK I understand, thank you!