Option to set default settings for each content type - remember last used settings

This would be a realy impactful feature for everyone, to be able to set default settings for each content type, as we all have different preferences and thus currently always have to remember to set them each time we create new h5p content.

This feature would save time to set preffered settings and avoid forgetting to set some.

Example for interactive video:

  • Auto play
  • Hide download button
  • Show 10sec rewind button

I understand it might be a complex one to implement, perhaps either accesivalr via the library or better to remember the last used setting.

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Hi markusd1984,

This idea is great! Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


FYI - found where to set defaults in drupal :) editing /libraries/H5P.InteractiveVideo-1.19/semantics.json