Spaced repetition

Many platforms such as Memrise and Anki have spaced repetition ( ) features for flashcards. That is, over time, the flashcards with content that the user has responded to successfully are presented less and less frequently, while cards that the user struggles with continue to be presented regularly. Unfortunately, these platforms tend to be quite limited in terms of response types.

On the other hand, many quizbuilder platforms, such as yours, allow teachers to design test items with a wide variety of response types. As far as I can tell — I have looked far and wide — there are no sites that bring these two types of functionality together.

Specifically, I would like to see an option for spaced repetition of individual items within and across quizzes. So, within a given quiz, a item that is responded to incorrectly would show the correct answer and then reappear within the quiz after a brief pause (following a typical spaced repetition schedule). And across quizzes, if a student takes three quizzes on Monday, they would have the option to review/redo the incorrect items from all three quizzes in a single session on a spaced repetition schedule.

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Hi Brett, I think this is a great idea (I'm a heavy user of Anki and Memrise myself). 

Currently, H5P only deals with the front end and only communicates data to the backend via xapi:

As such an additional spaced repetition plugin would have to be built as a wrapper to H5P. Since H5P is open source, it is possible that a developer in the Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle community could do it for their specific plugin. I don't think it will be an option on any time soon but perhaps it may exist in (to be launched later this year). 

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Hi Tim. Do you have any news about this topic?

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Hi cultivator!

There's no repetition mode for Flash Cards yet, and to the best of my knowledge it does not have high priority or funding. Recently however, Dialog Cards got a repetition mode and there's a campaign created by myself to unlock the code that makes it "spaced repetition" at



I've been looking into this and I know that duolingo have their algorithm available for use but I have zero programming skills. There must be someone who is able to do it.