Better feedback for multi choice questions with multiple correct answers

My users are often confused by the feedback provided on multiple-choice questions with multiple correct answers. Specifically, they get confused if they select one (but not all) of the correct answers for the question. They see a green check by the answer they selected, but no other visual feedback for the other options, so they assume they answered correctly.

It would be great if you could also provide quick visual feedback on correct answers that were NOT checked. I seem to recall an early version of the Multiple Choice content type did this, but it was removed in more recent versions. At the very least, adding a special CSS class to the unselected correct answers would be helpful (as I could then easily style some visual feedback for them). Actually, even just letting those options retain the "h5p-correct" class would be helpful (they do not have it for some reason, even though it makes semantic sense for them to have it). 

I'm open to different ways to implement this, but it really should be resolved as it causes a lot of confusion currently (specifically in situations where the user is not allowed to see the solution and instead must retry until correct). 

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We'll be adding a feedback text in the next version. It will say something like "You got 1 of 3 correct" and show a visual scorebar. Will this help?

Yes, that sounds perfect. Thanks!


I was also wondered why you can't select more than one correct answers as a user at the multiple choice. It does allow you to check more than one as correct as an instructor. 



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It's because more than one may be correct in a single choice question, but if you go into behavioural settins you may choose multichoice there, see photo below. (We will make this much simpler in the next release :)


Oh I must have missed that! Thank you very much!

I'm discovering that my users need more feedback than what is currently provided. I typically use these questions as part of a Question Set, and they receive the point total/score at the end. I have to deal with a lot of support requests from users who do not understand why they did not get the full points (when they check one or more of the correct answers, but not ALL of the correct answers). From the user's perspective, all they see is green checkmarks on their responses to the questions (and no red x's), so it appears that they answered every question correctly. They COULD see what they missed by clicking the "Show solutions" button, of course, but many of them don't. 

I'm not sure what the best UI for this would be, and I know that earlier versions of this content type provided feedback differently for questions with multiple correct answers. Maybe just adding the .h5p-wrong class to unselected correct answers, too? I know that may be confusing, too, but it seems it would resolve the issue my users are experiencing. I'm open to other approaches to handling this, too.

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I think one of the devs have fixed this for an upcoming version. It will show "3 of 4 correct" or something when you push the check button but not indicate what the fourth correct alternative is. Will this solve the problem for you?

That should help! I look forward to trying it out when it's released. Thanks.