Interactive Video questions in Moodle


Our educational institution uses Moodle and we are considering implementing H5P.

Say we build an interactive video which contains questions that student has to answer in order to advance, can we obtain the results?  That is, can we obtain a printout or spreadsheet of the questions and see exactly what each student wrote?  We need more than just a final score.

Thank you.

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Have you had a look at the documentation already?



I saw that page.

It says that in Moodle, scores are stored in the Gradebook.  Final score isn't a problem, what we want to know is if we can look over specifically how each student answered each question.

If yes, would that answer be located on the link for "Connecting H5P interactive activity in Moodle to an LRS?" The link isn't opening up for me.

Thank you.

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The scores and the answers are stored in the Gradebook. If you go to the Gradebook you will see that you can click on the report for specific content and student (screenshot attached) this will provide the information that you are looking for.


Thank you!  That clears things up.