Copy / Paste

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Hey there,

I have twelve course presentations. 

I would like to be able to amalgamate these into one course presentation. (I am using wordpress)

There is a copy and paste and replace option but no paste option.

Is there a way to do it that i am missing. 

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Hi quartztraining,

Once you copied the content there should be an icon to the righmost part of Course Presentation (screenshot attached).


is there a way to copy and paste various elements at once? I have created a slide with several elements in it. I would like to either:
- copy the entire slide to paste it into a differente project or
- copy several of the slide's elements to be able to copy them into another project's slide. 

This would save me considerable time modifying/correcting existing slides. 


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Hi delta,

I'm afraid copy/paste option is for slides is not yet available.