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Hey there,

I have twelve course presentations. 

I would like to be able to amalgamate these into one course presentation. (I am using wordpress)

There is a copy and paste and replace option but no paste option.

Is there a way to do it that i am missing. 

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Hi quartztraining,

Once you copied the content there should be an icon to the righmost part of Course Presentation (screenshot attached).


is there a way to copy and paste various elements at once? I have created a slide with several elements in it. I would like to either:
- copy the entire slide to paste it into a differente project or
- copy several of the slide's elements to be able to copy them into another project's slide. 

This would save me considerable time modifying/correcting existing slides. 


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Hi delta,

I'm afraid copy/paste option is for slides is not yet available.


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Hello Bv52 and Delta

Yes we are looking for the same "copy and paste" feature.  Is this something that is in development as part of the H5P road map?

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Hi ddimonte,

I'm afraid the core team does not have this as part of features that they are working on. The good thing about H5P is that it is open source so anyone from san make the changes to the code.


Did someone ever get the answer of how to copy paste a whole presentation in H5P? This can easily be done by copying the whole presentation using the button at the top rightmost side where we have Tutorial, Example on the left side and Copy, Paste &Replcae on the right side. Once you copy it into a new presentation, you can go ahead and delete/edit the slides that you want and save it under a new name...see below image