Mark the word mark multiple words

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When a name consisting of two words is tagged with asterisks, they are handled as separate works to be marked.

E.g. *General Electric* needs to be dragged as one item (consisting of two words) which is usual for names *Göran Peter Alexander Kattenberg*.

Maybe this can be solved by introducing a special character for non breaking spaces, see attached screenshots for the end user result


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Thanks for reporting. There is also another issue on this. We won't be able to fix this quickly unless we receive a patch or funding for it.

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I have the same issue, except that it works for one phrase in the sentence but not the second one.  The * shows up and only individual words can be selected. I can't see an HTML editor view button.  Cheers Rob 

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Hi Rob,

The work around for adding phrases as the answer is to use &#32 as a replacement for spaces.

Let me know if you are still having issues.


We are using the Mark the words assignment type. The assignments is set up, so that you can mark one word at a time, and not a whole sentence.

In a forum post on this site, we found a solution to the problem. By inserting &#32 between each word in a sentence, h5p could now identify it as one coherent sentence that the students could click on, for an example


It has, until now, worked to great effect. But suddenly now, our students can se &#32 in the sentences, so something seems have changed.

Anyone who knows what the problem might be?

Ps. I have uploaded an h5p mark the words assignment that show the problem, but for unknown reasons it is labelled as a Single Choice Set.

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Hi RasmusK,

Please see my answer here.


Am I missing something? If you put & nbsp; (code broken here to make sure it displays) or & #32; then although it displays as a space both words can be selected together as one. It does seem as if when editing you have click outside the textarea in order for the system to recognise that you have made changes and if you go back to edit the text it all reverts to ordinary spaces. 


the html uni code for spaces and non-breaking spaces seem to work but it would be good if line feeds and carriage returns were also recognised that way there could be multi-line answers. I'm guessing that's not so straightforward though.

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I haven't digged into the workarounds available here, and I can't guarantee that they will work if and when we add "official" support for selecting phrases instead of just words. We should fix this in a way that doesn't reveal that a phrase is correct. If for instance only phrases that are correct was possible to mark by clicking one of the words in the phrase users could find the correct phrases by clicking all the words. We might solve this by allowing for marking up wrong phrases as well, or have the user actually mark the text to select it, but marking texts on phones is a hazzle...

Hi. We love h5p and wanted to say thanks for the great work you do here. 

I wonder if there is a solution for the "Phrase inside the asterisks" issue in Question set? It works if "mark the words" is a separate exercise, but doesn't work if "mark the words" is inside the "question set" and there is a putctuation mark after it (comma or full stop). 

Here's an example "have noticed*." 

It works if there is no punctuation marks after.

So I used the solution with & #32;  and it works, but it's very time consuming to add & #32;  between words. 

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


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Hi Emilie,

I'm glad that you love H5P.

I'm sorry but I don't know of any other work around for this. This feature has been requested several times. There has been a lenghty discussion regarding this here.


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A more user-friendly solution would be to implement an "insert nonbreaking space" button in the H5P's text editor (CKEditor). This could be a toobar button (as in attached screenshot editor taken from WordPress) and/or a keyboard shortcut, e.g. SHIFT + space or CTRL + space.

PS. I'm surprised at this error message when trying to upload an image file with a jpg extension. Seems to me a fairly common extension. The selected file 2018-03-09_15-35-22.jpg cannot be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: txt, json, png, jpeg, gif, zip.

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Hi, that could be one solution indeed.

Regarding your allowed extensions, there should be several more extensions allowed by default. In code you can see the full default list of extensions that you can upload: list. Could this have been changed in your code ?

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Re extensions, when I try to attach an image with a *.jpg extension, this forum refuses to accept it. *.jpg is not in the list of accepted extensions, see attached screenshot.

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Thanks for letting us know. This should be fixed now!

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