H5p supportted framework


We understand overall the h5p built in opensource technology. The website also running on drupal. We  understand the  h5p support wordpress and moodle. 

==> confirm do this h5p support any php framework like laravel or code igniter

==> is it suppor Ruby on rails

==>please advice us , how we can view the plugin without the above said CMSes. Also confirm, in which  technology it build. 

==> is there option to run and debug in stanalone with out any dependency.







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Thank you for reaching out.

  1. There are no shared Symfony/Laravel H5P bundles. (I know other companies have made un-shared bundles though). H5P's PHP libraries are platform agnostic though (Core, Authoring Tool)
  2. There are no shared Ruby on Rails Gems
  3. There are no support for other frameworks, but node.js package is in the works
  4. See #3


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Do you happen to have a working example of that Laravel plugin? 

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Hi, we're currently working on a prototype using the laravel plugin.
It is working, but it is still in development, so not yet publicly available.

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Do you have an approximate date of when? 

I want to try to adapt it to Symfony since it is somewhat similar. 

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Tentatively by the end of this year. 

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Wew. That will be a while. Thanks. 


I do not know english

so I use google translate.

Can you tell me about prototype that develop for Laravel?

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I recommend trying out https://packagist.org/packages/chali5124/laravel-h5p as a starting point if you want to try H5P with Laravel. However be aware that this is not an official integration, so we can't vouch for its support and completeness.

Can one help me to integration h5p with laravel?