Drag and Drop does not show correct score in feedback

I just upgraded a couple pieces of content to Drag and Drop (1.5.0) and noticed that the score is not shown correctly in the feedback if there is more than one draggable and "Give one point for the whole task" is unchecked.

For example, if I have 3 draggables and get 1 of them right, it still shows "You placed 0 of 3 correct" in the feedback. 

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Yes, it should say "You got 0 of 3 points" because you probably got 1 point for placing one correctly and lost 1 point for placing 1 incorrectly. We will fix this prior to sending out the newsletter on monday and update this post. Thank you for reporting!
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The text has now been changed.

We have noticed a similar issue. I have upgraded the Drag and Drop to 1.5.1, however the text still reads "You placed x of x correct". See two examples below:

Example 1 - Older Drag and Drop version with scoring for correct answers only - this is our preferred option for scoring (we do not want to deduct points for incorrect attempts at an answer)

Example 2 - Newer Version with updated scoring (minus 1 for incorrect answers) - this can be confusing, especially with the current descriptive text for the score

After updating Drag and Drop to 1.5.1, do we need to replace the quiz, or should the new scoring be applied to existing quizzes?

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Thank you for reporting, the fix applies only to new drag and drops you create. For old ones the text must be changed manually under "Settings and texts" -> "Feedback texts"

I find this drag and drop to the correct box awesome. Where can we find it? 

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The Drag and Drop content type, can be found under "Drag and Drop", together with the rest of the content types that has been released, at the Examples & downloads page. Hope you like it :)

As nbsdigital have said the scoring is still very confusing within drag and drop when there are multiple drop zones within the game.

In my test example below I would expect the score to be 1 out of 3 and not loose the correct point for having other answers incorrect.

Is this something that is being looked at for the next release or will it maybe be implemented in the future as an additional option under the behavioural settings? Use negative scoring or not use negative scoring?


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Many in the community has been talking about this problem, and the creators of that content type intend to fix this, but we have no ETA for it yet. Hopefully someone else beats us to it, or funds it. Joubel (the creators of that content type) has a long list of deadlines and funded H5P work for 2016 that will move H5P forward, but this problem is not on the list so far.


Still experiecing the same problem as others have described. This should minus 2 from the total score of 5 instead of minus 2 from 3 correct answers.

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Hi SumethaK,

I don't think I agree that it should be "minus 2 from the total score of 5 instead of minus 2 from 3 correct answers." because it is under the premise that the student gets 5 points at the start. If this is the case the scoring would be every correct you keep 1 point and every wrong you deduct 1. The scoring of Drag and Drop starts at zero and every correct earns 1 points and every wrong deducts 1. If I'm not mistaken this was designed because it is possible to get a perfect score even if there are wrong answers (infinite number of draggables is enabled. I however agree that there should be at least an option to disable the scoring penalty.