Use WYWIWYG when making Flashcards

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We have some users who are interested in using the flashcards to present mathematical equations on one or both sides of the card. For this, they'd need to be able to write their equations in LaTeX, or some other mathematical notation language. We're using Wordpress, and have WP LaTeX installed, so would like to be able to use either that or something like Beautiful Math, but the text entry fields for the activity type don't seem to permit us to include this in an H5P flashcard. Is that something which would be possible to change/alter?

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H5P doesn't have any official Math support yet. We've created a Drupal module for one customer who uses a licensed version of WIRIS for authoring the formulas and MathJax for displaying them, but since it is WIRIS based we can't share it.

There are lots of universities using H5P and University staff is often comfortable with using LaTeX so LaTeX formula support is definitively something that we will add, but we're(The core team) not adding any new features like this in the next months unless it is funded so I hope others in the community will work on this. Our focus is on improving the existing features and adding new big core features.

Is this still the case: H5P flash cards cannot support LaTex?


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Hi Wade,

This is now possible you can read more about this here.