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When using the branching scenarios, is there a way to dim the proceed button until the video has ended?  or until all questions have been answered on a quiz?  I'm afraid users will click proceed without watching the entire video or click proceed after answering one question, when there might be many.

The navigation for the quizzes is at the bottom of the screen if you use course presentation, yet the proceed button is more visable at the top.  

Also, is there any way to add a "back" button, if a user realizes they clicked proceed, but didn't watch the content?


Thanks, Sean

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Hi Sean!

Look what I created 4 weeks ago :-) 

1) Pull Request to add the "prevent proceed" feature:

2) Pull Request to add the "go back" feature:

No, I don't know when this will be officially available. The H5P core team will first have to find some time to review the UX, to review my code, and to release the update.



Oliver!  That's awesome!  So I'm a novice at this. Actually, I'm below a novice.  Do I have to wait for an update?  Or can I modify the files you have listed below to get these features to work.  

Thanks for your work!  Sean

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If you're a novice, your best bet is to wait for an update.



I am looking for exact this feature. This conversation is already more than a year ago so can i already use it? And if yes, can you tell me how? Thx.

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Hi PetZander,

I wish a have good news but the H5P core team has not reviewed, tested nor released this feature update.