Music Theory

Hi everyone

Music Theory education could really benefit with some H5P attention! I'm keen to get involved.

First, thank you for all the amazing work everyone in the H5P team has accomplished so far. I am a big fan and a big advocate of H5P. I have published several training videos and documents on H5P for our college (300 teachers).

My vocational area is Music, and I wonder if anyone would be interested in developing Music Theory activities. I use the Moodle Quiz Music Theory questions a lot in my teaching and it really is a great tool. I have no recent coding experience, but I am involved in different projects involving Moodle and complex data structures, and if someone is interested, I would very keen to collaborate and contribute my Music teaching background. IOver the years I have specialised in functional harmony and I am mostly interested in applying these concepts to basic Music Theory exercises. 

If some like-minded people with overlapping and complementary skills read this please get in touch.





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Hi Antoine,

Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


I'm also looking for an H5P music theory solution.  We have a theory entrance exam that I'd like to move online and it seems like H5P could be a perfect solution with some added tools.

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stay tuned! I’ll upload resources guys!!!!!

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Thanks in advance will look forward to it :-)


I would love to be informed about new h5p music teaching tools! Thanks. :-)

Posting this to follow further responses.
Would like to build an on-line music theory learning environment for my daughter who teaches.

Like others, I’m quite interested in H5P support for music-related content. As a technopedagogue, I’m thinking of opportunities to help in the creation of Open Educational Resources in diverse fields. As an ethnomusicologist, I’m particularly interested in musical learning. There are many OERs (including many built in H5P) for STEM topics and some for visual/interactive arts (especially when they connect with STEAM). Somewhat surprisingly, music tends to be underrepresented yet there are fascinating challenges around technologies supporting musical learning.

Recently, our team organized a short workshop on innovative math pedagogy which focused on PreTeXt, “an uncomplicated XML vocabulary for authors of research articles, textbooks, and monographs”. One of the examples showcased by our guests was a music theory textbook. Interestingly, that textbook includes exercises which are only interactive in a limited way (“click to check the solution”). I’m sure many of those could easily be built with existing content types. Others would probably benefit from music notation support or some way to embed Web Audio and even Web MIDI!

Who knows, this could become something of a community-led project… Without volunteering to lead such a project, I can think of ways to make it part of my workload in the future.

So, has there been traction on the H5P music front?

Hi, I'm commenting also so that I can follow. I'm building online activities for my music classes, and I'd really like more support for audio files, in particular. But happy to see any other ways H5P can support music teaching!